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A smile for Christmas

We would like first to thank you for the professionalism and propriety which once again have characterized relations among our companies this year. We wish to take the occasion of the upcoming Christmas holidays to mention once again that all companies in the Marcegaglia group have adopted a Code of Ethics and an Organization and Management Model complying with Italian Legislative Decree (D.lgs. 231/2001 - "Regulations regarding administrative responsibilities of corporations, companies and associations, including those not legally recognized”). Both documents are available on the website We believe these documents are effective instruments for raising awareness among all the employees in our group companies and all other actors with whom they interact (customers, suppliers, partners, and collaborators generally) so that they shall always behave in a proper and professional manner in all their business dealings. In this regard, we ask you to observe the guidelines for gifts, donations and benefits: i.e. to abstain from sending any sort of gift, regardless of value, to any of the actors indicated above. As for ourselves, to honour the Christmas spirit this year, we have decided to take the resources that we would normally use for traditional Christmas gifts and redirect them to charitable activities, in particular to the social programmes carried out in Rwanda by the non-profit Fondazione Marcegaglia Onlus. We are confident that you appreciate the reasons for our actions and thank you for your cooperation. We would like to extend our most cordial seasons greetings and best wishes for happy holidays and a happy new year. Antonio Marcegaglia Chairman and CEO Emma Marcegaglia Vice Chairman and CEO "A Company is a social value”. The vision of its Founder is at the basis of Marcegaglia enterprise culture that has found place, in 2010, in Fondazione Marcegaglia Onlus. The Foundation operates with the intent to promote actions and collaborative development projects of social solidarity oriented towards the construction of a world in which disparity is increasingly reduced. Its activities are mainly focused on the role of women: In Italy, the Foundation supports projects oriented to defeat social exclusion and new poverty, abroad it sustains projects for the development of remote and poor areas of the world focusing on female entrepreneurship, the creation of micro-enterprises and the development of local health systems. Kindly visit Fondazione Marcegaglia Onlus website Servizio Antispam ha rilevato un possibile tentativo di phishing da "" to better understand its objectives and projects and to contribute with a possible donation. IBAN IT87G0569611500000010248X15 - BIC POSOIT22XXX Download here the PDF.

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