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Antonio Marcegaglia: our growth plan for 2019

In an interview with Siderweb, the Chairman and CEO Antonio Marcegaglia presented the group’s growth plan for the year 2019.
“We have decided to bring the annual investments to 80-100 million euros, compared to 50-60 million that have characterized the last years. The key points of our investment strategy remain the improvement of production and quality, as well as the efficiency of business processes.”
“In particular, the new rolling mill in Ravenna, for which we invest 30 million euros, will allow us, thanks to the increase in autonomous production, to reduce the purchases of full hard to serve the lines for the production of galvanized products, whose output has grown by about 3% per year in the last two years. The new rolling mill will also replace part or all of the volumes currently processed by Ravenna and Gazoldo plants and will allow us to improve processing even on high carbon and advanced high strength products with thinner thicknesses.”
“One of the added values of the new rolling mill is also represented by the high level of digitization of the plant. Last year we launched a three-year project, with the support of the MISE Industry 4.0 plan, to equip existing plants with sensors and automate monitoring. We have allocated 15 million euros for this project. The new gas-fired cogeneration plants in Gazoldo and Ravenna are also significant: they will allow us both to fully reuse the steam produced by the industrial plants and to meet two thirds of the annual energy requirements of the two sites.”

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