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Steel on show: Candidate is among the artworks of Motopoétique

February 2014 - Up to April 20th, the Museum of Contemporary Arts (MAC) in Lyon hosts the exhibition Motopoétique: an exposition dedicated to the duo man-machine. In particular: motorcycles. On this occasion, Marcegaglia presents Candidate, the work by Luc Mattenberger originally exhibited within the contest of Steellife  - the first international contemporary art exhibition dedicated to steel - held in Milan at the Triennale in 2009. A steel artwork that "embodies all the hopes and values of the motorbike enthusiast, yet arou- ses a subtle yet forceful sensation of unease, insecurity and panic in the onlooker. This is no coincidence: the idea for this work dates back to October 2000, when two kamikaze terrorists affiliated to Al-Qaeda blew out the American ship USS Cole at the port of Aden in Yemen. [...] Candidate is placed on a rotating platform whose revolutions remind us of the cyclical ambiguity of things which can be good or evil, attractive or threatening, depending on how they are perceived and interpreted. [...]."* *source: Steellife catalogue

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