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Chairman Marcegaglia anticipates 2018 results

During the Made in Steel 2019 exhibition, the most important event in southern Europe dedicated to the steel industry, Chairman Antonio Marcegaglia spoke out the group's 2018 results, which marked important increases in turnover and profits, with a further reduction in debt: "We closed 2018 with a turnover of 5.6 billion euros for our Steel division, with an Ebitda of 386 million euros, which rises to 400 million if we consider also the non-iron assets - explained Marcegaglia -. Another important figure is the third consecutive cut in debt of 240 million, which brought the total amount of debts of the group to 690 million euros, making our financial results much more balanced.

For this reason we have decided to raise the total annual investments for the next five-year period to 120 million euros, compared to the previous 40/50 million euros a year».

According to Chairman Antonio Marcegaglia, 2019 also opened up positively, recording an increase in both sales volumes (+ 2.5%)and turnover(+ 3.0%), despite the the global geopolitical uncertainties.

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