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Electrical steels: Marcegaglia presented its new case study at WMM’16

Research and development, as well as innovation and state-of-the-art technologies and products are among the key features of Marcegaglia since its foundation. It's not surprising, therefore, the important result obtained by the group at the recent 7th International Conference Magnetism and Metallurgy WMM'16 where the Italy-based manufacturer presented a case study dedicated to the development of non-grain oriented (NGO) silicon steel grade M310-50K with high premeability and low energy loss. Nowadays, the R&D in the magnetic steels field is focusing – both for GO (grain oriented) and NGO (non-oriented) which represents about 80% or the whole market – on improving the performances in terms of magnetization (e.g. J2500) to enhance the efficiency of electrical motors. A result that can be reached only through the optimization of the manufacturing process; from hot to cold rolling steps. Accordingly, Marcegaglia presented, during the event, the development of the semi-processed grade M310-50K, based on a 2.0 wt% Si non-oriented electrical steel through the optimization of the microstructural characteristics of final product by means of the thermo-mechanical processing (TMP) conditions and the following cold rolling, annealing cycle and skin-pass processes. Microstructure and ODF analysis were carried out on hot rolled sample, cold rolled and annealed and after final decarburization and secondary recrystallization annealing. The results of the case study confirmed that to develop the favorable texture and achieve the target magnetic properties a through process approach has to be adopted.   Click here to see the full technical details.

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