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Innovation and digital revolution according to Antonio Marcegaglia

During Made in Steel 2017, the most important event in Southern Europe dedicated to the entire steel chain, President Antonio Marcegaglia attended the conference Innovation and digital revolution, drivers of the future”, in which the results of the panel discussion devoted to innovation of Siderweb “Stati Generali dell’ACCIAIO” were presented.
“There are three process dimensions in which a ‘digital revolution’ is carried out: production, business and supply chains, Antonio Marcegaglia said. “We have made great progress in production since the past, because we are exposed to global competition: with the tablet it is possible to check in real time the state and production of the main plants around the world; training on employee safety is systematized and visible on plant pulpits; cranes have an artificial intelligence; forklifts are able to take exactly the type of product you need at any given time.”
“The situation of business processes is different, such as for the use of data and the ability to combine production and sales phases through digitized programing and logistics: we are starting to work on these aspects”, President continued. “In particular we are focusing on two points: supply chain optimization and cost control over the profitability of processes.”
“The real added value of technology is that it drives us into a cultural process to re-read and re-define ourselves. For this, last year we have strengthened the training of our human resources, quality systems and R&D department, we have created executive committees and started a Master’s program in management, in partnership with Luiss University”, Antonio Marcegaglia concluded. “All this path leads to a jump in mentality, which is determined by continuous changes of our world.”
Click here for the video interview with President Antonio Marcegaglia.
Marco Bentivogli (Secretary-General Fim-Cisl), Alberto Bregante (Ceo SMS INNSE Italia) and Carlo Mapelli, Ordinary Professor of Metallurgy at the Politecnico di Milano, participated with Antonio Marcegaglia to the conference “Innovation and digital revolution, drivers of the future”, moderated by Il Sole 24 Ore journalist Luca De Biase.
Click here to review the full conference.
The 2017 edition of Made in Steel has featured around 15,000 visitors, with an increase of 15% compared to the 2015 edition. For a summary of Made in Steel highlights click here.
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