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Intertraffic Amsterdam: a successful presence for the brand new integrated noise protection and safety guardrail

March 2014 - While the @Intertraffic 2014 - the International exhibition for infrastructure, ITS traffic management, safety and parking - is drawing to a close, Marcegaglia reviews its presence at the exhibition being one of the leading participants with its full range of safety barriers  that led the group to be identified as synonym of road security worldwide. Steel certified guardrails tested in order to comply with specific norm requirements: single side barriers, guardrails for bridge, central reserve guardrails, special components and accessories.

The new product showcased in Amsterdam is the integrated noise protection and safety guardrail: a steel safety barrier that allows the creation of an integrated or combined protection system, for simultaneous provision of safety protection (gradual and controlled containment of light vehicles, secure containment of heavy vehicles) and noise protection in a width of 74 cm only.

The installation of a single integrated noise and safety road barrier moves beyond the usual dual installation of “safety barrier + conventional noise barrier” by enabling installation of the barrier directly on the edge of the asphalt pavement. This provides greater noise protection effectiveness compared to a barrier with the same height above ground level, or it allows the same degree of noise reduction to be achieved with lower heights, by causing a saving in term of material.

Another nearly unique characteristic is the type of foundation: both the elevation and foundation are provided by a single IPE post which is vibro-driven into the ground, allowing a worksite progress speed much higher than the standard for the installation of conventional barriers, thus avoiding bored pile or micropile foundations, plinths or kerbs and the casting of concrete.