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Bilanci d’Acciaio: steel sector recovery and future trends

The ninth edition of Bilanci d’Acciaio, the analysis conducted by Siderweb’s Studies Office in collaboration with the University of Brescia, was presented in Milan on the afternoon of Thursday 9 November. The conference revealed a message of recovery in the steel sector, which highlights the growth trend of the national economy.
Chairman Antonio Marcegaglia attended the round table at the end of the event: “The steel industry got improvements not only in specialties but also in commodities, particularly in flat products, he said.
“For the future, there are some emerging trends, on which we will have to shape our company strategy. The first trend is consolidation, not only for the Ilva operation, which sees us as one of the main characters, but also for the joint venture announced between Tata and thyssenkrupp. In addition, there is a market regionalization characterized by protectionism and a tendency for producers to integrate and verticalize along the supply chain.”
“The international competition, the Chairman continued, “remains strong: in a trend of concentration even small companies will necessarily need to find greater synergies and collaborations.”
“We have to start, however, from the assumption that volumes, prices and sentiment are all improving”, Antonio Marcegaglia concluded. “I believe that the 2017 budgets will be significantly better than a 2016 that is already positive: thinking about the future, therefore, I am confident.”

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