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Marcegaglia carbon steel tubes: automotive applications

Marcegaglia is regarded today as a leading steel processor with the world’s widest range of steel welded tubes in terms of grades and dimensions, in compliance with the requirements of several industry sectors. Among these, automotive applications play a key role: Marcegaglia has developed a dedicated range of carbon steel welded tubes for seat frames (car, bus, truck) and other interior details. Some specific sizes for seats construction are:

  • carbon steel welded tubes with 22 mm diameter and 2 mm thickness;
  • carbon steel welded tubes with 25,4 mm diameter and 2,3 mm thickness;
  • carbon steel welded square tubes 25x15 mm and 1 mm thickness;
manufactured with special steel grades for weight reduction in seat frames, such as:
  • E500 CR2 S3
  • E780 CR2 S3
The tube fabrication process is carried out according to ISO/TS 16949 and involves 100% in-line laser dimensional control and the most accurate grade of internal diameter scarfing.

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