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Marcegaglia: Industry 4.0 is a reality

R & D, product and cutting-edge process, technology. They are just some of the keywords that today are driving the development of Marcegaglia, the company leader in the steel processing. Thanks to a long course partnership with CISCO, today Marcegaglia can be definited as a full-fledged industry 4.0, continuing on the path of connected factory, through the adoption of a unified network for company and plants, capable of enabling the re-engineering of processes in a perspective Internet of Things, along a supply chain totally digitalized.
In the pivotal plants for the processing of flat products - Marcegaglia Ravenna - and welded steel tubes - Marcegaglia Casalmaggiore - important technological investments were brought forward in the creation of a fully interconnected and automated production system, improving the controlled supply chain that reduces the human error on certification and safety.
In the plant of Ravenna, the main Italian steel plants, and the biggest Service Center in Europe, specializing in the treatment and finishing of coils, plates and prepainted steel, the technological innovation has led the creation of a fleet of automated guided vehicles, for the transport of materials between the processing plant and the points for the final shipment.
In the plant of Casalmaggiore, designed for machining of welded pipes with diameters up to 406.4 mm, Marcegaglia has developed an intelligent and automated crane system which makes storage of the collected bundles of tubes, directly from the production plants, moving them to the area where there is the load on vehicles of transport.
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