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Marcegaglia bet on trend U-turn

Marcegaglia rises its price lists. Starting from February 29th, 2016, an increase of 30 euros/ton on the whole range will be adopted by the Italy-based group. The decision, as learned by Siderweb, comes from a summit of Marcegaglia Carbon Steel’s managers and has been communicated to the company’s customers. At the basis of this trend change, there is - first of all - an increase of the coils prices of about 30 euros/ton that the leading processor is sharing with its clients. The flat products costs feel the effect of the apparent demand awakening, with a consequential increase of moved volumes, added to a real consumption that has been steady for the last months. The UE decision of a antidumping investigation, that may slow down imports, completes the overall scenario. This disposition, would led to a sort of “protection system” with operators reducing at the minimum foreign demands in order to avoid being staggered by protection measures put into action by European Authorities. Besides, the ILVA situation still far away from the best production performances, the result is a substantial difficulties to find specific raw materials; whether coils or slabs. To sustain marginality, Marcegaglia decided to overturn downstream the same increase that should face on the supply side. These rises are referred to all the products directly manufactured from coils or slabs within Marcegaglia Carbon Steel divisions: strips, sheets and welded tubes. For the last one, the price increase equals to a reduction of 4 points on discounts. Source: Siderweb

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