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Marcegaglia stainless steel network

The history of Marcegaglia stainless steel division spreads over 28 years (53 has passed since Marcegaglia foundation); today stainless steel is processed within 8 manufacturing units worldwide, that can be considered as part of a unique network of know-how and competence, giving Marcegaglia a competitive edge on its reference markets. This means that each plant – in Italy or abroad – can guarantee the same quality levels of products and service. In Italy, Marcegaglia stainless tube production is mainly located within the Forlì plant (Northern Italy), the world’s largest stainless steel tube manufacturing unit hosting 33 tube mills, operating according to certifications including ISO/TS 16949 for the automotive sector as well as DVGW for water and gas pipes and TÜV-PED / TÜV AD 2000 for pressure equipment. Besides this unit, a plant in Montechiarugolo (near Parma – Central/East Italy) has also recently been added also for stainless tubes and narrow strips for the construction and ornamental sector, while the well-established dedicated unit in Contino, near the Headquarters, specializes in stainless steel bright bars (30 thousand tonnes of production in 2012 expected). In the Americas, Marcegaglia can count on a manufacturing unit in the USA and on a huge facility in Southern Brazil. “Although I’ve been a passionate supporter of consolidation for all the group’s Italian production sites, on the other hand my passion and curiosity for the world and its various cultures led me to open up to the global market, by exporting our methodology, know-how and business culture, and by learning from the local environments. Nowadays, being an entrepreneur means growing your business by interpreting other cultures and business styles when trading and dealing with other “worlds”. Only companies that can express their leadership on the basis of a global vision can produce and transmit culture, not only with their products but also with innovation, ideas and values”, comments the CEO Antonio Marcegaglia. Marcegaglia USA, located in Munhall (Pennsylvania), is dedicated to the manufacturing of stainless steel, duplex and high nickel alloy pipe and tubing, including high-added value applications in food and beverage (such as the beer industry), desalination and tar sands, alongside with a wide range of applications such as decoration, process and automotive, plus a new range of galvanized tubular products. The production plant of Marcegaglia do Brasil, inaugurated in October 2000 and located in Garuva, (southern state of Santa Catarina), has recently doubled its surface to increase the manufacturing capacity of carbon and stainless steel precision welded tubes. The plant also has a dedicated range of refrigeration tubes and components for the appliance industry and hosts a service center for coils sitting and cut-to-length. The range of products includes tubes for mechanical and automotive applications, process pipes for fluids, tubes for condensers and custom-engineered finished refrigeration components. This facility operates according to top quality standards, including CRCC Petrobras qualification for the petrochemical industry, and has recently obtained environmental certification ISO 14001. Speaking of China, the Italian group has started its first manufacturing plant there dedicated to the production of stainless and carbon welded precision tubes. Marcegaglia China plant hosts state-of-the-art stainless steel tube mills for added-value applications (process, automotive, decoration), but also three other product lines: heavy wall, high tolerance ERW tubes for precision mechanical applications; cold-drawn (drawn over the mandrel) tubes for applications in automotive, hydraulic and mechanical sectors; refrigeration tubes for use in applications such as condensers and evaporators for heating and cooling systems and household appliances. In the sector of cold-drawn welded tubes, Marcegaglia is especially bringing its pioneering technology to the Chinese market, where seamless tubes are traditionally used. Marcegaglia Russia, the manufacturing unit for stainless steel products in the city of Vladimir (some 180 km East of Moscow) aims to become the leader in Russia within the stainless steel transformation segment, focusing in the first step in welded tube production, then gradually establishing as a service center for flats. Production is organized through six tube welding lines (T.I.G., Laser and High Frequency) plus slitting and cutting facilities and finishing lines. The group latest investment in its stainless steel activities is fully concentrated on the Gazoldo degli Ippoliti plant (Italy’s group HQ): more than 100 million euro for new processing capacities of stainless steel coils, sheets and flat bars. Antonio Marcegaglia has been awarded as Stainless Steel Executive of the Year 2010.

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