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Marcegaglia: the new company profile is available online

For the 2017 edition of Made in Steel, the most important event in southern Europe dedicated to the entire steel chain, Marcegaglia presents its new company profile.
The publication illustrates the distinctive values of the group: independence, dynamism, resilience, competence, versatility and reactivity, coupled with great attention to the person. These values are reflected in an efficient customer care service, a wide range of products, an high market diversification and great production flexibility.
Marcegaglia today has got a capillary presence in various areas of application: from distribution to mechanical engineering, machinery, building&construction, automotive, appliances, food, etc. Over 15,000 customers in Europe and worldwide confirm the wide market capillarity of the group, which has created a wide network of plants and an efficient logistics and distribution.
A special focus is dedicated to the R&D team of the group, which manufactures products that meet the most sophisticated customer needs, continuously expanding the production chain and developing new process and finishings.
Marcegaglia is able to supply top-quality raw materials and different steel grades, in order to offer to its customers a continuous tailor-made service.
Marcegaglia expresses a distinctive expertise that, besides the unique competence and productive know-how, is translated into a constant attention to environmental sustainability and to the valorization of its human capital.
Download the new company profile.

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