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Steel for heating and plumbing systems: Marcegaglia range

Energy, efficiency, functionality, material. These can be considered as the key words of the heating and plumbing systems sector. Key words that Marcegaglia, industrial leader in steel processing, translates into a dedicated range of carbon and stainless steel tubes and strips for applications within the sector. Carbon steel tubes range includes: • tubes for radiators, round and shaped round: diameter 22 / 23 / 25 mm oval: ovali: 70 x 11 mm semi-oval: 40 x 30 mm EN 10305-3 / CR2S3 / E190-E220 Certification AD 2000 W0 • tubes for pressure purposes diameter: from 33,7 mm up to 460 mm EN 10217-1 (for use at room temperature) EN 10217-2  (for use at high temperature) The carbon steel strips range includes cold-rolled steels for radiators with specific norms RAD-1 (STP0040) e RAD-2 (STP0108). Stainless steel tubes for heating and plumbing systems include: • tubes for heat exchangers (water heaters and other applications) • tube for elbows and fittings - including press fitting - for plumbing systems • special tubes round and shaped, with custom surface finishing for the fabrication of design radiators

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