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We give shape to… a sea monster

"A company is a social good". (Steno Marcegaglia, Founder, 2002) Marcegaglia business culture is enclosed in this vision of its Founder. A culture that the group daily expresses through its attention to the key themes of safety - for employees as well as environment - of territory - that Marcegaglia has never regarded merely as a productive factor, but as the expression of a distributed community that is part of its company values as well as of the social and economic development – and culture. According to this vision, the group has always supported and promoted activities and initiatives on a local level where manufacturing units are based. Such as in Ravenna, where Marcegaglia has set up its main logistic and intermodal hub for all the industrial and commercial activities: the recent Open Day - visit the plant to discover the full steel manufacturing process dedicated to citizens is an example. As well as the support - supplying raw materials - for the creation of Mankugian: an iron octopus of about 8 meters width and 4 meters height which emerge from the canal waters during the Darsena Open Show on July 18th 2015. The work is part of the urban space reuse projects by Meme Exchange Association. Mankugian was created by Giancarlo Scagnolari and Markus Benesch to represent the recovered bond between land and water. The home page image is a poster representing part of the artwork creation path.

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