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Metal formwork system: Preform System

Preform System

The metal formwork system with a Preform frame is composed of modular elements with a galvanised steel structure which, together with a vast range of accessories and special sub-systems, enables the implementation of infrastructural works, such as: walls, pillars and foundations, beams and slabs, tanks, silos, refrigeration towers, dams, pre-compressed beams, selfsinking tanks, piles and decking for bridges and viaducts, tunnels, pipes and channels

Formworks: Frames of S235JR and S335JR hot dip galvanized steel profiles
• 18-mm multi-layer birch panels with 250 g/msq phenol coating
• Accessories: Steel grade S235JR and S355JR hot dip galvanized

• Modularity
• Fully accessorized, wide interchangeable accessories range
• Wide range of re-use possibilities
• Anchorage using bars inserted in conical sleeves that enable the assembly of inclined opposed panels or panels placed on surfaces at different heights
• Beams with Omega profiles with button holes that enable the fast and safe insertion of accessories such as props and casting bracket

Manufacturing standards
- C.N.R. - UNI - 10011/88
- C.N.R. - 10012/85
- C.N.R. - 10022/84
- C.N.R. - 10027/85
- D.P.R. - 164/56
- D.P.R. - 547/55
- E.N. - 310, 313-1, 313-2, 314-1, 314-2, 315, 635
- I.S.O. - 2426
- Direttiva C.E.E. - 91/368 e 89/392

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Metal formwork system: Preform System
Metal formwork system: Preform System


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Preform framed formwork
Construction drawings
Linear formwork
One-corner formwork
Two- corner formwork
T-shaped formwork
Guide lines
Concrete pressure figures
• Panels
• Angles and supports
• Truss for horizontal supports
• Triangles for ground cast support
• Supporting cast brackets
• Formworks for liftascensori
• Climbing brackets
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