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Propping: SMP8 system

Modular supporting system with high load capacity

SMP8 is the innovative structural supporting system with high load capacity developed by Marcegaglia. The uprights made of 60 mm x 3.6 mm tubing allow achieving payload values up to 80 kN for each upright, which is high above the ordinary performances of this kind of supporting systems (50 kN).
SMP8 is installed according to the same concept of modularity at the base of the SM8 multi-directional scaffolding system, used to integrate all accessories.

• Steel grade S235JR and S355JR hot dip galvanized

• Hot dip galvanizing: guaranteed min. coating thickness 55 micron (mean value)

• High load capacity: up to 80 kN each upright
• Safe installation thanks to the components of the tested scaffolding system SM8:
metal scaffold planks, planks with trapdoor and ladders, toeboards, prefabricated steel railings

Manufacturing standards
- C.N.R. - UNI 10011/88
- C.N.R. 10022/84
- C.N.R. 10027/85
- D. M. 16/01/96

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  SMP8 Shoring system
- Assembly guidelines
- Linee guida per la sicurezza
- Assembly schemes
- Uprights
- Vertical-diagonal bracing
- Ledgers
- Horizontal-diagonal bracing
- Adjustable head jacks
and base jack
- Wood beam blocking clamps
- Double-C beam blocking clamps
- Connection element and D16 spring pins
- 150 and 200 mm double-C beams
- Wood beam
- P-type strut
- P-type strut head jack
  Simple and complex assembly   schemes
  Shoring tower
1800x1800 formwork>mq 9.00
1140x1140 formwork>mq 6.25
810x810 formwork>mq 2,25
810x1140 formwork>mq 7.50
1800x2940 formwork>mq 12.00
1800x3750 formwork>mq 15.00
1800x1140 formwork>mq 7.50
1800x3750 formwork>mq 19.5
1620x2430 formwork>mq 8.75
3600x3600 formwork>mq 20.25
2940x2940 formwork>mq 15.00
Components list
  Project gallery
Setting-up deck
Underpass construction
Support of a pulvino
Concrete pressure calculation




Propping: SMP8 system

Propping: SMP8 system

Propping: SMP8 system

Propping: SMP8 system

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