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Marcegaglia Carbon Steel is dedicated to the manufacturing of flat products (coils, strips, sheets), both carbon and pre-painted (PPGI) steel and carbon steel welded tubes. Created on November 1st, 2015; the company is the result (along with Marcegaglia Specialties and Marcegaglia Plates) of the strategic path of re-organization to create a “more clear and indisputable division” as explains the Chairman Antonio Marcegaglia during an interview to Siderweb, “between the non-core activities (such as tourism, household appliance components, building …) and the core business activities, the steel manufacturing, the sector on which we want to focus and strengthen our role and positioning”.   Marcegaglia Carbon Steel manufactures:
carbon steel marcegaglia

via Bresciani, 16
46040 Gazoldo degli Ippoliti, Mn - Italy
phone +39 . 0376 . 685 1
P.IVA - Cod. Fisc. 02466220205 info.carbonsteel@marcegaglia.com