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“A Steem for Steel”: a project to make young people love steel

Making young people love steel” is the aim of “A Steem for Steel”, the Marcegaglia Foundation project that Chairman and CEO Antonio Marcegaglia presented in an interview with Siderweb.
“A Steem for Steel” is mainly addressed to secondary school students and is aimed at explaining and emphasizing the importance of STEEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Economics, Maths) studies, subjects that with today’s evolution of technology and the birth of new kinds of jobs have become necessary.
The new working scenario will increase the demand for professions with scientific, engineering and technological skills”, says Antonio Marcegaglia. “The steel industry in Italy is also involved in this transformation and is affected by the skill gap between the profiles sought by companies in the sector and those possessed by workers to perform certain tasks”.
The study of these subjects can direct young people towards the many job opportunities within the steel world and guarantee them a future. This is why “we want to ignite young people’s interest in the steel sector, to tell them about the key issues and trends in a new way and to show what technological transformations it is undergoing, how Italian steel companies are developing innovative projects using digital technologies to be more competitive”, continues the Chairman.
Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, IoT are technologies that, according to Antonio Marcegaglia, can offer students concrete experiences and help them to understand which are the most suitable study paths to become the protagonists of the ongoing digital transformation. The project also includes two key issues for the future: sustainability and overcoming the gender gap. With “A Steem for Steel”, in fact, Marcegaglia wants to create the conditions for more and more girls to approach technical and scientific subjects and career opportunities in the steel industry.
The national tour to present the project in schools has started in Mantua, Marcegaglia group’s city, and continues in three other Italian cities: Naples, Padua and Udine.
“A Steem for Steel” also has a very practical implication, bringing students knowledge and business culture: young people, in fact, will work on cases that have concrete applications and will have an opportunity to live a real experience with experts and managers.
Finally, students will participate in the Innovation Camp: a team contest in which participants will work as if they were a media agency, will prepare a communication campaign about the world of steel regarding a theme of their choice between innovation, circular economy and sustainability, and they will challenge themselves through social networks involving and spreading to their peers the trendiest and most innovative sides of the Italian steel industry.
The full interview with Antonio Marcegaglia is available here.

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