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A wide range of coils for all applications

A coil for every application sector, this is what makes Marcegaglia Carbon Steel one of the main industrial players in the carbon steel sector.

With an increasingly wide range of steel grades and processing for pickled coils, cold rolled coils and galvanized coils with specific mechanical properties, Marcegaglia Carbon Steel is able to respond to the increasingly stringent market needs.
A precise response, on a large scale, guaranteeing constant supplies to meet the demands of many industrial sectors, such as construction and carpentry, automotive, food, household appliances, mechanical industry, agriculture, chemical and petrochemical, industrial plant engineering, thermomechanics and hydraulics, furniture and household goods, energy and environment, sports and others.
The great competence and efficiency in providing customised finished products, with different dimensional and mechanical features, makes Marcegaglia an undisputed market leader to rely on for every application.
Manufacturing standards and steel grades.
Pickled coils:
  • EN 10025-2: S185, S235JR up to J2, S275JR up to J2, S355JR up to K2;
  • EN 10025-5: S355J0WP;
  • EN 10149-2: S315MC up to S600MC;
  • EN 10111: DD11 up to DD14.
Cold rolled coils:
  • EN 10130: DC01, DC03, DC04, DC05, DC06, DC01 EK, DC04 EK;
  • EN 10268: HC260LA, HC300LA, HC340LA, HC380LA, HC420LA, HC180Y, HC220Y, HC260Y;
  • EN 10341: M660-50K, M890-50K, M800-65K, M1000-65K, M1050-50K, M1200-65K, M340-50K, M390-50K, M390-65K, M450-50K, M450-65K, M520-65K, M560-50K, M630-65K;
  • UNI 7958: FE360;
  • EN 10132-3: C45ELC, C45ECR, C40ELC(CR), C50ELC(CR),C55ELC(CR), C60ELC(CR);
  • EN 10132-4: C55SLC,C55SCR,C60SLC(CR),C67SLC(CR),C75SLC(CR).
Marcegaglia standard: 
  • Cold rolled electrical steel for high performance shearing: DC01LC-P (STP 0032);
  • Steels for radiators: RAD-1 (STP 0044), RAD-2 (STP 0108);
  • Steels for the funiture industry: DC01-TM (STP0057), DC35-TM (STP0069);
  • Steels for drum packaging: FUS-M (STP 0055), FUS-M2 (STP 0107), FUS-F (STP 0056).
Galvanized coils:
  • EN 10346: DX 51D, DX52D, DX53D, DX54D, DX56D; 
S220GD, S250GD, S250GD-DM*, S280GD, S280GD-DM*, S320GD, S350GD S390GD, S420GD, S450GD, S550GD; HX260LAD, HX300LAD, HX340LAD, HX380LAD, HX420LAD, HX460LAD, HX500LAD HX220YD, HX260YD;  HCT490X (DP500), HCT590X (DP600), HCT780X (DP800);
  • ASTM A653;
Marcegaglia standard: 
  • Laser Cutting Products: DX51D-LASER (STP0195). Available zinc grammages: from Z50 to Z800 with the possibility to differentiate the grammages per face. 
The surface can be protected by oil (O), passivation (C) or antifinger (AF) an organic coating that guarantees high corrosion resistance and can be transparent or coloured if necessary.
Marcegaglia is also able to offer pickled coils, cold rolled coils and galvanized coils in equivalent steel grades, according to the main automotive manufacturers standards.

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