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Marcegaglia contributes to the inauguration of Biblioteca Classense’s Ala delle Arti in Ravenna

On Monday 3 September, on the first floor of Biblioteca Classense in RavennaAla delle Arti will be inaugurated, after a series of delicate restoration and refurbishment works, anticipated about a year ago by the reopening of Sala del Mosaico.
In addition to this room, the new spaces include four other rooms that will host valuable bibliographic collections of cinema, theater, comics and vinyls of opera and classical music.
Next to the entrance of Sala del Mosaico there is a contemporary work of art: Il pasto bianco (mosaico di me) by Silvia Celeste Calcagno, conceived as a site-specific work for the library in 2017, on the occasion of Biennale Internazionale di Mosaico Contemporaneo RavennaMosaico.
The work was acquired thanks to the contribution of Marcegaglia.
Biblioteca Classense has a huge collection of books belonging to various types of documentation: printed works, both ancient and modern, manuscripts, engravings, maps, photographs, archive documents and multimedia material.
The full programme of the inauguration of Ala delle Arti is available here.

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