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Antonio Marcegaglia’s speech at the 70th anniversary of Assofermet

During the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of Assofermet, Chairman and CEO Antonio Marcegaglia spoke at the round table entitled “European Steel and Distribution: work in progress”, in particular about the trend of downstream integration.
“There are few producers of coils - and I can assure you that I speak with all the producers in the world - who do not have any downstream integrations in their plans. This is a general trend.”
“It's not just an Italian phenomenon, it's not just a European one. Japan has already experienced it; others are experiencing it, such as India, China (also by public authorities), Brazil and South America. It is a phenomenon that has a global scale, which will lead to greater discipline in supply.”
“The trend of verticalization of steel plants has not accelerated but has increased steadily. Now, with these mergers, it could continue further.”
According to Antonio Marcegaglia there will be “a solid and promising future for the independent Italian industry of service centers and distribution, even for us”.

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