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Antonio Marcegaglia expects a growth for 2017

  Interviewed by Siderweb, the leading portal of the steel community, the President Antonio Marcegaglia expressed moderate optimism about the favorable economic trend of 2016, consolidated by the raise of the raw materials prices, "In the market, the flat products have had best performances than long products. The 2017 has opened, both in terms of shipments of orders and margins, in the same direction of the last two quarters of 2016." Antonio Marcegaglia expects for 2017 a further improvement in terms of the demand: "Is it possible that in the first part of 2017 there could be a dynamic more cautious, differently than in the next months, for the apparent growth of consumption, triggered by higher purchases of the last quarter of 2016. The maintenance of a constant flow in the orders received for now, both for January and for February, however, it seems to contradict this expectation of a downturn". He adds: "My expectations of the price raising are also motivated: if you compare the prices with other raw materials there is still a large underestimation". 2017 will be a very challenging year for Marcegaglia, currently in the running to detect Ilva of Taranto within the consortium AM Investco Italy, together with the International steel giant ArcelorMittal. Marcegaglia this year will also bring life to the very important project called Life, “Leadership Initiative For Executive”", an investment in advanced training of human resources made with the Luiss University of Rome and addressed to all the major Marcegaglia managers, with the aim of "increase the professionalism of all our management to 360 degrees, regardless of the specific role they are called to a position within the company." Read the full story here.

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