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Antonio Marcegaglia at innovA: Industry 4.0 in our Company

During innovA, the convention of innovation for the steel industry held in Brescia from 20 to 22 September 2018, Chairman and CEO Antonio Marcegaglia presented the main applications of Industry 4.0 in the company.
“The digital revolution offers us the possibility of a qualitative leap forward: we can integrate every process into a systemic logic and circulate information in a constant, unitary and repetitive way. For this reason we need to change our mental software, which must look to the future, while remaining attached to our business.”
“The company already has several applications of Industry 4.0: a system for measuring the mechanical and technical characteristics of materials, intelligent and automated crane systems, assisted handling of raw materials, total reorganization of the supply chain. The benefits of these initiatives are instantaneous: considerable cost savings, improved efficiency, increasing agility and flexibility in the face of market demands.”
Here you can see Antonio Marcegaglia's speech at innovA.  

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