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Carbon and stainless steel cold drawn bars: a wide offer for multiple applications

Marcegaglia produces a wide range of carbon and stainless steel cold-drawn bars, which are used in many industrial sectors.

The range includes Steels for general engineering purposes, case hardening steels, steels for quenching and tempering, free-cutting steels according to EN 10277. In particular, steels for general engineering purposesare produced in grades S235JRC, S355J2C, E335GC+S, C15, C35, C40, C45, C45S, 20MnV6, 080A15 (sec. BS 970), SAE1018; case hardening steels in grades C10R, C15R, 16MnCrS5 and steels for quenching and tempering in grades C35E, C35R, C45E, C45R and 42CrMoS4V; free-cutting steels: 11SMn30, 11SMn37, 11SMnPb30, 11SMnPb37, 36SMnPb14 and stainless steels in grades Aisi303, Aisi304, Aisi304L and Aisi316L.

Manufacturing is located in the Marcegaglia Specialties plant in Contino di Volta Mantovana, dedicated to the production of carbon and stainless steel cold-drawn bars, with a yearly capacity of more than 200 thousand tons.

The Marcegaglia Specialties range includes cold drawn rounds, peeled/rolled rounds, ground rounds, flat drawn, square drawn, hexagonal drawn steel and special profiles on request.

Download the full range here.

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