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Fondazione Marcegaglia Onlus: in Brescia “Divina creatura. Donne nell’arte, da Tiziano a Boldini”

On 18 January 2020 at Palazzo Martinengo, Brescia, is inaugurated “Divina creatura. Donne nell’arte, da Tiziano a Boldini”, the exhibition organized in collaboration with Fondazione Marcegaglia Onlus to tell the story of the female universe.
The women, protagonists of the paintings, tell the role of the female figure in Italian art history, from the Renaissance to the Belle Époque. Loving mothers, heroines, noble ladies and fearless peasants lead visitors through a thematic itinerary divided into eight sections: “Biblical saints and heroines”, “Mythology in pink”, “Portraits of women”, “Female still life”, “Maternity”, “Work”, “Daily life”, “Nude and sensuality”.
The exhibition, curated by Davide Dotti, presents over 90 masterpieces by great artists such as Guercino, Pitocchetto, Appiani, Hayez, De Nittis, Zandomeneghi, Boldini, including an oil on canvas with the “Penitent Magdalene” by Tiziano, for the first time in Italy.
In each room there are two panels: one in black for the critical text relating to the paintings and one in pink about the issues from a contemporary point of view, recounting the projects supported by Fondazione Marcegaglia.
With this exposition, Fondazione Marcegaglia Onlus, which has always been involved in aid and integration projects with particular attention to the female issue, aims to increase the awareness of topics such as disparities between men and women, women's work, domestic violence, social exclusion and new poverty. In addition, Fondazione Marcegaglia Onlus offers 350 themed itineraries to visit the exhibition. The exhibition will end the 7 June 2020.

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