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Marcegaglia’s business model told at Ambrosetti Club

The meeting entitled “The business model of Marcegaglia in a sector in strong evolution”, organized by Ambrosetti Club, was held Gazoldo degli Ippoliti headquarters.
Chairman Antonio Marcegaglia shared with the Club members the fundamental features and future strategies and challenges of the Group.
“Marcegaglia group has many strategic resources and distinctive competencies”, explained Marcegaglia CEO. “We have an important global supply network, a diverse product and service offering and a widespread distribution in Europe, thanks to our operational and logistical excellence. Flexibility, responsiveness and rapid decision-making have always been our hallmark, even though over the years we have become a multinational corporation of considerable size. Our business model is completed by our service orientation and management efficiency.”
“Even in times of economic downturn, the Group has managed to guarantee resilience in its core business industrial results (turnover and EBITDA)”, continued Antonio Marcegaglia. “This stability is supported by a particular strategic positioning based on a ‘vertical’ presence, covering most of the downstream steelmaking chain, and a vast ‘horizontal’ articulation between different product families and within the same product family, so as to combine the different economies of scale with operational and commercial flexibility.”  
“In the immediate future, we intend to follow some fundamental guidelines,” concluded the President. “First of all, we aim to focus on the core business of the Company, with a consequent targeted divestment of diversified activities. We will also strengthen our position in the most promising sectors and markets, gradually phasing out the less performing ones. There will be also a growth in management and tools for effective management of complexity. This will lead to a concentration of investments with higher returns and to the strengthening of the operational and logistic performance, as well as to the search for greater profitability compared to volumes. This will help us to strengthen our capital and reduce our debt.”

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