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Marcegaglia presents the new range of cold rolled steel for vitreous enamelling

Marcegaglia’s experience and know-how in flat steel products has led to the development of the new range of cold rolled steel for vitreous enamelling.
This type of steel is particularly suitable for household and heating technology appliances, for the production of kitchen hobs, oven interiors, washing machine and dryer components, water heater tanks and plumbing systems.
Marcegaglia enamelling steel is manufactured in accordance with EN10209 and supplied in the form of coils, strips, slit strips, sheets and straps.  
Marcegaglia enamelling steel is featured by its high weldability and is suitable for deep moulding operations.  
Made in DC01EK and DC04EK grades, it is applicable for conventional single or double-sided enamelling, in thicknesses from 0.5 mm to 1.5 mm, for a maximum width of 1,515 mm.
The surface appearance guarantees the application of the enamel and its uniformity after application, offering excellent resistance and durability. The surface finish may be normal or rough.
Marcegaglia Research and Development division is constantly committed to guaranteeing high quality standards, in order to serve its customers and production chains with excellent products, in a consolidated partnership perspective.
In particular, on enamelling steels, the Quality Department is able to perform the hydrogen permeation test, according to the innovative HELIOS II device (Hydrogen Embrittlement Line Instruments and Operative Sensor), patented by Letomec (spin-off of the University of Pisa).
For further information: coils@marcegaglia.com / +39 . 0376 685 471

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