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Antonio Marcegaglia at the EY Capri Digital Summit 2017: “Digital imposes a cultural leap forward”

Chairman Antonio Marcegaglia spoke at the closing day of the EY Digital Summit 2017, entitled “Where innovation becomes experience, value, business” and held in Capri (Italy) from 4th to 6th October 2017. The topic of the meeting, chaired by the journalist of Il Sole 24 Ore Luca De Biase, was “Industry 4.0”.
According to Antonio Marcegaglia, “a steel company benefits from the digital revolution along several lines: inside the company, within the supply chain and in collaboration with the ecosystem.”
“Digital technology in the company leads to the efficiency of physical assets and production, quality, maintenance and logistics processes, the integration of processes (at supply chain, production, marketing and sales levels) and the evolution of organizational models and corporate culture.”
“Digital revolution also allows to focus the heart of business on the end customers and on the value created, with a greater emphasis on the service than on the product, and a deeper relationship with suppliers and customers. Finally, this revolution pushes us to collaborate with universities and research centers, because the essential starting point of this process is training.”
Antonio Marcegaglia concluded: “It is absolutely necessary to consider the perspectives of digital technology, which also imposes to the leaders of companies a cultural leap in the awareness of what nowadays the use of data can entail in the positive evolution of their business.”
Watch the keynote speech video here.
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