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Marcegaglia group: investments continue

Like other companies operating in international markets, characterized by a dynamic capitalism, Marcegaglia managed to brush off the crisis, growing stronger. Chairman Antonio Marcegaglia said this in an interview with Euronews.
“We made huge investments during the crisis, thanks to which we continued our growth programs, which were more modest compared with previous years, but still slightly higher than the general growth.”
“In recent years” continued Marcegaglia, “the actions taken by the government, especially in terms of industry 4.0 and the tax exemption of investments, have been important incentives for recovery. However, these investments have been recent and forward-looking.”
The Chairman finally said: “At this stage, the policy of deficit control and the recovery of credibility in Europe has greatly benefited, in a more macro-economic context in Italy than in a direct relationship with the company, as I believe it is right to happen.”
The complete interview with Antonio Marcegaglia is visible here.

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