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Marcegaglia LASER SHARP®, the range of structural sheets for laser applications suitable for special finishes

Marcegaglia LASER SHARP® is the result of the skill and attention to detail of the Marcegaglia Research and Development team, and the group’s know-how regarding quality and innovation in the sector of flat steel products.
The key features are its well-maintained surface appearance and a flatness of 3 mm per linear metre after cutting.
The range consists of four qualities:
  • LASER SHARP® 200
  • LASER SHARP® 240 (CE marking available)
  • LASER SHARP® 355 (CE marking available)
  • LASER SHARP® 360
The high speed of execution and precision cutting, especially on thin parts, result in a lower cost per unit. Thanks to the considerable advantage of not applying force on the product, the laser cutting process simultaneously provides a high-definition cut, with the ability to produce openings and complex cuts with well-defined square edges, so that the product is burr-free and machining tolerances can be kept to within a tenth of a millimetre.
LASER SHARP® is the result of Marcegaglia's know-how, confirming the group's constant focus on quality and innovation. It is suitable for:
  • Cutting thin parts
  • High precision (plus or minus 0.1 mm)
  • Cutting elaborate profiles
  • Obtaining the finished product without further machining
  • Smaller parts (less than 200 millimetres).
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