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Marcegaglia group leaves Italian steel association Federacciai

From Thursday, 5 July 2018, all the companies of Marcegaglia group no longer join Italian steel association Federacciai.
The group has submitted the formal resignation from membership of the trade association, as well as its Chairman and CEO Antonio Marcegaglia from the Bureau Council.
«I had to note with regret that in recent discussions on fundamental issues of international trade, from dumping to the operating procedures for the application of the safeguard clause, Federacciai has decisively confirmed itself as “the association of producers”, ignoring the issues of First and Second transformation, despite these represent a very important component of the Italian steel industry», said Antonio Marcegaglia.
«The final position of Federacciai, opposed to those of the First and Second transformations, created in me a particular bitterness and a deep sense of isolation - added the Chairman and CEO of the group - because it was a resounding and unexpected reversal of what had been discussed previously in the Bureau Council. While recognizing the existence of opposing interests and opinions within the association, I was struck by the unwillingness to seek a synthesis that would have correctly represented the different souls of the Italian supply chain, and on the opposite it was decided with a resolution to deny the previous pronouncements of Federacciai itself, favouring a line dictated by Eurofer.»
Marcegaglia will continue to participate in the territorial and national activities of Confindustria, limiting its resignation to the trade association only.

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