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Marcegaglia supports FAI in 2017

  “Supporting the FAI - Italian Environment Fund we would like to realize a big project of protection, which is also an ambitious cultural challenge: make Italy a more beautiful place to live, to work and to raise our children. The natural and cultural heritage, that FAI protects and promotes, represents a unique heritage in the world and the fundamental resource to invest for developing and exploiting our wonderful Country. Thanks to the support of its many associates, both private citizens and companies, the FAI is protecting and is managing 56 cultural heritages, throughout the national territory, since 40 years ago. Important historic settlements, the artistic and scenic saved from neglect, restored, protected and open to the public. Every day, the FAI is committed to protect and make accessible to everyone the beautiful jewels of art, nature and culture scattered in the countryside, in the cities and on the coasts of our Country; to educate and sensitize the community to the knowledge, respect and care for nature and art, to convey the demands of civil society ensuring actively intervening in the territory.“ Marcegaglia

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