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Marcegaglia expands its range of heavy quarto plates rolling thanks to the acquisition of Palini & Bertoli

Marcegaglia Plates is one of the leading players in reversing mill plates from quarto  rolling, with a total production of about 1 million tons per year.
In December 2019 Marcegaglia group, through Marcegaglia Plates, has acquired from Evraz Group SA 100% of the share capital of Evraz Palini & Bertoli, a plate rolling mill located in San Giorgio di Nogaro with a turnover of 216 million €, specialising in the manufacturing of heavy quarto plates with over 400.000 tonnes of steel processed every year. The company has been renamed Marcegaglia Palini & Bertoli.
Thanks to this acquisition, it has been possible to expand the entire range of Marcegaglia heavy quarto plates rolling.
Below the features of the range of heavy quarto plates produced by Marcegalia Palini & Bertoli.
Marcegaglia Palini & Bertoli products are characterized by the following technical specifications:
  • thickness 8-250 mm
  • width 1500-3000 mm
  • length as required up to a max weight of 24 tons and a length of 21m per plate
Marcegaglia Palini & Bertoli rolls the following steel grades:
  • non-alloy structural steel grade as per EN 10025-2, EN 10025-3 and similar international standards;
  • steels for pressure vessels as per EN 10028-2 and equivalent international standards;
  • steels for naval constructions which meet the requirements of the various Registers;
  • structural steels with improved atmospheric corrosion resistance EN 10025-5;
  • steels for quenching EN 683-1
For further informations: Marcegaglia Palini e Bertoli phone +39 . 0431 623 111 paliniebertoli@marcegaglia.com      

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