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Mercitalia Rail and Marcegaglia group: four-year agreement (2019-2022) for the transport of steel by rail in Italy and abroad

A new service for the transport of steel by rail in Italy and abroad is underway.
It is possible thanks to the agreement signed by Mercitalia Rail, the largest Italian rail freight company and one of the largest in Europe, and the Marcegaglia group.
The agreement has a duration of four years (2019-2022). The service provides for about 30 trains per week (using the new "high-performance" electric locomotives of Mercitalia Rail and the new "intelligent" coils-carrying wagons) on national flows, mainly on the Ravenna - Gazoldo degli Ippoliti/Casalmaggiore route, and international flows between Italy and Germany/Poland/Serbia route.
Overall, Mercitalia Rail's commitment will result in approximately 1.3 million tonnes of steel transported by rail each year, with obvious benefits in terms of environmental sustainability.
In 2018 Mercitalia Rail's services to and from Marcegaglia were equivalent to the shift from road to rail of about 75,000 lorries, with a saving of about 27,000 tons of CO2 emissions into the environment.
The agreement between Mercitalia Rail and the Marcegaglia group, in addition to strengthening the historic partnership relationship, also lays the foundations for the development of new logistics projects (new freight traffic and new services) that the two companies have committed to realize together in the near future.

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