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Stainless steel welded tubes: new price list May 2021

Marcegaglia Specialties updates its price list for stainless steel welded tubes.


“The new price list has become necessary because the continuous increase in the price of stainless steel raw materials has made the current one difficult to be applied for future months.

Particularly for High Frequency tubes, it was necessary to revise the basis for making it operational.

The increase linked to the structure of the new price list will be in the order of 7/8% starting from May, followed by others in June and July as a result of the continuous increase in raw material prices.

The same situation will be for corrosion tubes (laser welding), which will undergo increases starting in May.

Another important change in the price list is for polishing/mirror polishing extras, which will undergo a 15% increase due to the sharp rise in processing consumables”, stated Egidio Bini, Marcegaglia Specialties Purchasing & Sales Director.


The new price list will come into effect on Monday, May 3, 2021.


The document is available on Marcegaglia's website.


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