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Steel in the construction industry: structural steels

Steel in the construction industry is the preferred choice in terms of efficiency, durability flexibility and recyclability. A unique material in terms of mechanical properties, as well as a sustainable choice for modern architecture. Today, structural steels are one of the hot topics within the construction industry - be it cold-rolled and galvanized flat products, heavy (quarto) plates or carbon steel structural tubes. Thanks to its properties, steel is a very functional and adaptable material: it can be used for structures and roofings, large-span bridges and infrastructural construction, industrial and residential architecture. A result of the continuous research and development activities and the growth of productive know-how among the sector's main players - among these the Italy-based Marcegaglia group. The efficiency of structural steels, as well as their durability, are deeply connected to mechanical properties that remain stable over time. Moreover, steel is a material that can absorb seismic energy when supported by architectural specific details, thanks to its intrinsic resistance. Furthermore, steel can be successfully combined with other construction materials (e.g. glass) to design and create architectural solutions representing an impressive fusion of aesthetic, reliability and technology. Last but not least, steel is 100% recyclable and sustainable. A sustainable choice also represented within the upcoming Expo Milan 2015: the iconic construction named the Tree of Life - recently inaugurated and representing the Global Exposition itself - is made from 150 tonnes of steel.

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