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60th anniversary of the foundation of the group: strategies and investments for the next five years

In the year of the 60th anniversary of the company’s foundation, the Marcegaglia group has decided to considerably increase its investments in quality and innovation of products and processes.

As stated in a recent interview by Chairman and CEO Antonio Marcegaglia, “Emma and I have decided to invest 120 million euros per year for the next five years, compared to the previous 40/50 million euros per year.”

At an early stage, 20-25% of this amount will be allocated to the plants of Gazoldo degli Ippoliti and Volta Mantovana, where the group employs 1,400 of the total 6,500 people.

“The investments will follow different guidelines”, announced Antonio Marcegaglia: cost and energy efficiency (“in Gazoldo we imagined a cogeneration plant that will put us in a position to be almost autonomous in energy production with an absolutely positive impact in terms of the environment”), quality and search for greater added value (“with investments in particular in the stainless steel sector and in products with greater finish”) and, finally, greater automation and industrial digitization 4.0.

“Since we are in a sector where demand is substantially stable”, concluded Chairman Marcegaglia, “at the moment we do not have large capacity expansion projects, we are instead considering this type of growth through possible acquisitions.”

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