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The world's widest range of cold-drawn welded tubes

The Marcegaglia Carbon Steel plants in Boltiere (Bergamo) and Rivoli (Turin) produce the world's widest range of cold-drawn welded tubes, products with extremely advantageous characteristics.

Full body normalizing of the shell stock after welding, in fact, ensures that both the welding and the surrounding areas are metallographically and mechanically homogeneous with the rest of the tube, returning a product with an improved quality surface, reduced eccentricity and greater toughness at low temperatures.

Cold drawn tubes are controlled during the entire manufacturing process with full body ultrasonic and eddy current tests, to guarantee the high quality standards that are typical of all Marcegaglia products.

Marcegaglia Carbon Steel production is characterized by a dimensional range with an external diameter from 10 mm to 245 mm and thicknesses from 1.5 mm to 15 mm.

The production range includes tubes for cylinder ready to use H9, tubes for cylinders suitable for honing or skiving & roller burnishing, tubes for cylinders finished H8, tubes for telescopic cylinders, tubes for piston rods, tubes for automotive and mechanical applications, tubes for cardan shafts.

All products are conforming to the manufacturing standard EN 10305 in the following grades: E195, E235, E275, E355, E460.

Marcegaglia once again stands out for the variety of its products, suitable to satisfy every industrial sector with different solutions, always guaranteeing high quality standards.

Discover all the characteristics of Marcegaglia Carbon Steel cold-drawn tubes.

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