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In sixty years of activity, Marcegaglia has written the history of steel in Italy and is now a protagonist in the European and world steel scene

Since 1959 Marcegaglia’s leadership has been built through a long, solid and consistent growth path.

1959 In Gazoldo degli Ippoliti (Mantua, Northern Italy) Steno Marcegaglia establishes a small factory, Marcegaglia-Caraffini, specialized in manufacturing of roller shutter and open profiles. The company is taken over a few time later and re-named Metallurgica Mantovana.

1963 I.P.A.S. is founded for the manufacturing of drawn products from flat and tubular steels.


1970 The unit in Gazoldo degli Ippoliti quickly develops its activities adding cold re-rolling process and precision tubes manufacturing.

1982 Steno Marcegaglia founds in association with three business partners Oto Mills – leader in high-precision tubes mills – and successively establishes a new state-of-the-art unit in Casalmaggiore (Cremona).


1983 Acquisition of Lombarda Tubi in Lomagna (Lecco), Saom in Boltiere (Bergamo), Trisider in Tezze sul Brenta (Vicenza).


1985 Marcegaglia adds to its structure three companies of Maraldi Group with the plants in Ravenna, Forlimpopoli (Forlì) and Cervignano del Friuli (Udine).


1987 Acquisition of Profilnastro in Dusino San Michele (Asti).

Start up of the first tube mill in the Forlì plant.


Start up of the first line for stainless steels processing and pickling in Gazoldo degli Ippoliti unit.


Acquisition of the San Giorgio di Nogaro plant (Udine).


Start up of new distribution offices (today Marcegaglia UK);
foundation of Marcegaglia Deutschland and acquisition of Bishop near Philadelphia (USA).


90’s Start up of diversified activities: acquisitions of Albarella, Ponteggi Dalmine, CCT and other activities in the real estate and financial sectors.

1999 The unit in Ravenna is at the core of a huge investment program (“Ravenna 2000”) for coils processing.


2000 Inauguration in Garuva (Brazil) of a huge plant specialized in refrigeration tubes and household appliances components. Development of stainless steel tubes manufacturing in the Pittsburgh unit (Marcegaglia USA).


2000-2005 Growth of the Italian activities and sales network worldwide.


2000 Joint venture agreement with Brema (Arcelor Group) for the supply of per 500 K t/year of hot-rolled coils.


2005-2009 Offtake agreement with Teesside (Corus Group) for the supply of 850 K t/year of slabs.

2007-2008 Consolidation of the main Italian manufacturing units (Ravenna, Casalmaggiore, Gazoldo degli Ippoliti – 1.5 billion euros invested in 6 years).


Inauguration of new units in the European (Poland) and extra-Europe (China, Russia) markets.


Doubling of Brazilian plant.

2010-2011 Opening of the new Marcegaglia Poland manufacturing unit in Kluczbork dedicated to carbon steel tubes production.
Inauguration of Marcegaglia China in Yanghzou, the biggest Italian investment in China.

Growth in diversified sectors (tourism, thanks to the acquisition of Forte Village and Castelmonastero, and renewable energies).


2013-2014 Marcegaglia decides to focus on and to consolidate its own core business and to gradually divest the diversified activities. In 2013 Oto Mills and Forte Village are sold.

Group reorganization project and new acquisitions

Marcegaglia launches a corporate reorganization project to become even more protagonist in its core business.

From 2018, through M&A activities, Marcegaglia expands its portfolio of investments. Marcegaglia Novero, Marcegaglia Palini e Bertoli, Marcegaglia Colombia and Marcegaglia Mexico are
established. Marcegaglia UK acquires a new plant in Oldbury.

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