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28 and 29 September: "Una giornata da leoni" is celebrated on Albarella island

Marcegaglia celebrates "Una giornata da leoni", the sports, wellness and entertainment event dedicated to the employees of the Italian plants.
1456 employees from all over Italy, along with their families, actively attended these two days.
The event was created to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Marcegaglia and has the lion, a tribute to Steno Marcegaglia, who founded the company in 1959, as the mascot of the day.
The central focus of "Una giornata da leoni" was the 5- and 10-kilometre footrace, and the five-a-side football tournament, in which 16 teams from the Marcegaglia plants competed with each other in exciting matches to win the Lion's Cup.
At the end of the event, the Chairmanship - Antonio and Emma Marcegaglia - greeted the numerous collaborators who took part in "Una giornata da leoni".
Below are the winners.
"Tre passi da Leone" footrace
Saturday, September 28th
10 km footrace – women
Gold: Monica Orselli (Ravenna)
Silver: Deborah Gallesi (Gazoldo degli Ippoliti)
Bronze: Roberta Maestrini (Gazoldo degli Ippoliti)
10 km footrace – men
Gold: Stefano Calmanti (Forlì) 
Silver: Ilario Salvaterra (Gazoldo degli Ippoliti) 
Bronze: Angelo Saino (Lomagna)
5 km footrace – women
Gold: Erika Calciolari (Gazoldo degli Ippoliti) 
Silver: Marcella Gibertini (Albarella) 
Bronze: Katharina Lorenz (Pozzolo Formigaro)
5 km footrace – men
Gold: Roberto Calderoni (Ravenna) 
Silver: Federico Oronti (Forlì) 
Bronze: Gianmaria Casamenti (Forlì)
Sunday, September 29th
10 km footrace – women
Gold: Lorella Ropa (Mezzolara di Budrio) Silver: Martina Pini (Casalmaggiore) Bronze: Roberta Lovato (Ravenna) e Patrizia Raffaini (Gazoldo degli Ippoliti) ex-aequo
10 km footrace – men
Gold: Luca Moratti (San Giorgio di Nogaro) 
Silver: Luca Carasi (Gazoldo degli Ippoliti) 
Bronze: Marco Callegari (Mezzolara di Budrio)
5 km footrace – women
Gold: Chiara Petruzzi (Casalmaggiore) 
Silver: Desiree Rui (San Giorgio di Nogaro) 
Bronze: Giulia D'Antona (Mezzolara di Budrio)
5 km footrace – men
Gold: Giuseppe Petruzzi (Casalmaggiore) 
Silver: Giulio Petruzzi (Casalmaggiore) 
Bronze: Alessandro Pippa (Albarella)
The Petruzzi family from Casalmaggiore won three medals (2 gold and 1 silver).
Five-a-side football tournament “Lion’s Cup”
The RAVENNA SIX team won the Lion's Cup and gold medals. 
Silver: FORLI SIX 
The days were marked by the restriction of the use of plastic, thanks to the metal bottles that were distributed to all participants and in respect of the environment and nature, through the special ecological islands located ad hoc on the island, where guests were invited to store their waste.
The ad hoc mailbox marcegaglia60@marcegaglia.com has been opened and participants have been invited to send their photos of the event.
The two days benefited from a wonderful sunshine and were enlivened by the aroma of coffee and the taste of the ice creams offered by the partners Lavazza and Argenta.

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