Fondazione Marcegaglia: scholarships awarded for 2023

21 December 2023

Every year Fondazione Marcegaglia, the Group’s non-profit organization that supports solidarity and cooperation projects in the social-health field in Italy and abroad, awards some scholarships named in memory of Steno and Mira Marcegaglia to the children of employees.

In 2023, 40 scholarships worth €500 were awarded to students enrolled in secondary school and 20 scholarships worth €1,000 for university students.

A dedicated event was organized at the Gazoldo degli Ippoliti headquarters to reward the deserving students. After a guided tour of Casa Marcegaglia museum, Emma and Antonio, together with Carolina Toso Marcegaglia, president of the Foundation, joined the students for the award of the scholarships.

Click here to check the list of awardees.