In 2020, although not included among the subjects for which the drafting of a non-financial statement is mandatory, it was decided to make the commitment to promoting economic development and constant innovation in research and development, production efficiency, plant safety and environmental and social sustainability public. And so, the 2020 Sustainability Report was born: the start of a strategic journey to becoming a sustainable business model, increasingly strengthening the positive impact towards its employees, the community, and the environment.

The 2023 Sustainability Report, certified by a third party, and the 2022-2025 Sustainability Plan are available here.

sustainability report and sustainability plan

Learn more about sustainability and certification in the QUALITY INFO and SUSTAINABILITY-EEHS sections.
If you have a sustainability issue that you would like to report, email or write, anonymously, to Marcegaglia Holding, via Bresciani, 16 – 46040 Gazoldo degli Ippoliti, Mantua, Italy, inserting ‘SA8000’ as the recipient and ‘sustainability’ in the Subject field. Any reports received will be evaluated for fairness and, where the sender can be identified, a response will be sent within 30 days. Otherwise, they will be highlighted on the notice boards of the respective affected plants on an annual basis.