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The production chain controlled by Marcegaglia is developed in the world’s widest range of steel products.
The holding company Marcegaglia Steel (97% of all activities), through the companies Marcegaglia Ravenna, Marcegaglia Carbon Steel (with its flat and welded pipes product divisions), Marcegaglia Buildtech (with its insulation, construction, and guardrail divisions), Marcegaglia Stainless Sheffield, Marcegaglia Gazoldo Inox, Marcegaglia Specialties (with the stainless steel long products, flat products, tubes and cold drawn bars divisions), Marcegaglia Plates (dedicated to heavy plates), encompass the core business activities.

The holding company Marcegaglia Investments encompasses diversified activities (3% of total business) active in electricity production, beginning with renewable sources (EuroEnergy, Co.Ge.AM, ETA); components for household products and household appliances (Imat and Oskar); and products made from composite materials (Elet.Ca); in tourism (Albarella, Pugnochiuso and Castel Monastero) and in real estate (Gabetti Property Solutions).