Platinum medal to Marcegaglia Gazoldo Inox and gold medal to Marcegaglia Contino: EcoVadis’ recognition rewards the Group’s commitment

26 July 2023

Marcegaglia Gazoldo Inox and Marcegaglia Contino have been awarded, respectively, platinum and gold medals by EcoVadis, one of the most important international rating systems on sustainability issues.

Today, more and more companies are requiring their partners to meet many ethical and sustainability requirements: therefore, placing at the top of the EcoVadis rankings is a point of merit for Marcegaglia, which sees its strong commitment to reducing its impact on the environment, increasing its attention to people and territories, and complying with international standards recognized.

The EcoVadis rating confirms the excellent sustainability performance of Marcegaglia Inox, strengthening the relationship of trust we have with our customers.