SHIMOCO®: the coating system born from Marcegaglia's research and development in pre-painted steel products

The choice of the most suitable coating system, both according to the requests in terms of physica /chemical properties, and the desired surface appearance, represents a key element for the finished product.
A suitable painting feautures the product in its identity and in the level of protection, giving the product a high customization to better be suitable to different applications.

Marcegaglia Shimoco® coating system is the result of Marcegaglia’s know-how and research and development in pre-painted steel flat products: it has been studied to guarantee the best resistance to UV rays and corrosion, as well as having a pleasant aesthetic appearance, thanks to the uniform and textured composition of the paint.

Shimoco® is supplied in many colors and finishes, is free of hexavalent chromium and heavy metals. Developed mainly for building application, in particular roofs, cladding and façades.
The product warranty is 30 years, with excellent flexibility and durability.


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