The first Sustainability Report of the Marcegaglia Group is now online

The first Sustainability Report of the Marcegaglia Group is now online: a step that marks the beginning of a strategic path towards an increasingly conscious sustainability rooted in every activity of the Group, to strengthen its “green” soul and maximize the positive impact on employees and territories where we operate, and to protect the Planet and its resources.

Although the Group is not among the entities for which the preparation of a Non-Financial Reporting (NFR) is mandatory, it has symbolically chosen 2021 – after the year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic emergency – to make public the results achieved on the environmental, social and economic levels. The Report – realized in compliance with the “GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards” – refers to the financial years of the last three years (2018, 2019, 2020) and focuses on the 17 Italian production sites of Marcegaglia Carbon Steel (10), Marcegaglia Ravenna, Marcegaglia Specialties (2), Marcegaglia Gazoldo Inox, Marcegaglia Plates, Marcegaglia Palini e Bertoli and Marcegaglia Rivoli.

In 2020, the overall net value added for Stakeholders amounted to 477 million Euros (+33% compared to 2019 and +0.5% compared to 2018). 36% was allocated to capital strengthening, 31% to staff remuneration, 17% to the Public Administration through paid taxes. A total of 64 million Euros (14%) was allocated to lenders, while 1 million went to the community. Moreover, in 2020, the investment policy for Marcegaglia Steel companies was further intensified, for a total of 93.4 million Euros, of which just over 90 million for the activities of the Italian plants, focusing on product and process innovation, energy efficiency and sustainability.

The document is available here.