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Marcegaglia, always focused on the customer's service, thanks to its in-depth knowledge of raw materials and manufacturing processes, optimizes the product to meet the most sophisticated requirements

More than 15,000 customers worldwide choose the Marcegaglia production range for a wide range of applications: from distribution to mechanical engineering, industrial plant engineering, construction and construction, automotive and food industry specializations.


Marcegaglia is constantly engaged in the implementation of the supply chain and in the development of new processing and finishing, also through a strong support provided to some technologically advanced sectors and a customer assistance in finding new products and applications. Marcegaglia has great independence in supplies, in order to offer its customers a tailor-made service at all times.

Steel, Stainless Steel, Tubes, Coils, Cold-drawn bars, Steel tubes - Acciaio, Acciaio inox, Tubi, Coils, Barre trafilate, Tubi acciaio, Marcegaglia

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46040 Gazoldo Ippoliti, Mantova – Italy
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