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In the Marcegaglia plants in Ravenna and Casalmaggiore, important technological investments have been fully transformed into "smart factories"

Throughout its history, Marcegaglia has always focused on the theme of innovation, constantly upgrading and renewing its plants to obtain products with increasingly cutting-edge technological content.


Industry 4.0”, conceived as designing and implementing integrated digitalization and automation solutions, becomes a real challenge for Marcegaglia’s IT and R&D departments to ensure the best production and service performance.


The factory of the future is a reality in Marcegaglia: not only the production plant, in which an integration between IT and operational technologies has taken place, but also the entire supply chain, with regard to post-production processes, from distribution to the supply of after-sales services.


The technological innovation and the “4.0” in Marcegaglia have contributed over the years to improvements in the quality of the industrial process, with the aim of eliminating the risks of human error in production and at every stage of processing, making automation manage the most dangerous operations, towards an increasingly “intelligent” and sustainable manufacturing model.

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